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By Erin....

By Erin Ltd is a family run business that has one simple mission - To make people Smile.

The first Wish bracelets we made were as a hobby to help deal with the death of a very dear loved one. There is something immensely therapeutic about tying knots! These original bracelets were then sold to raise money for a Cancer Charity who had helped us in our time of need. The bracelets proved to be so popular that our By Erin brand was born. We now supply thousands of our Wish Bracelets worldwide and still continue to raise money for a number of different charities.

Using only the very best 'ingredients' which are sourced wherever possible in the UK, we hand make all of our products here in Lancashire ready to supply our retailers across the country. Our team of 'Braceleteers' are fully trained by us and with quality checks throughout the making process, we can ensure that your order will arrive in pristine perfect condition.

As By Erin has grown, we have introduced new products, all with the same aim- to make people smile and all with the same attention to detail with regards to UK sourced, best quality 'ingredients'. We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Thank you to our Customers, Braceleteers, Sales Agents and Supporters we have met up with over the years - We could not have grown as we have without you. We will continue to supply great quality, keenly priced products to hopefully make you and your customers smile for years to come.

Thank you.