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T72 Spinner & Wish Bracelets Deal Spinner & Display Unit Deals

ColoursWhite, Black, Silver

Our T72 spinner is made in Britain and has a capacity of 432 Wish Bracelets. Each of the 'T' shaped arms are 6 pockets high with 3 pockets on each level giving 72 display pockets in total. Available in a choice of 3 colours - White, Black or Silver to suit your store, this spinner gives maximum impact with maximum use of the space. Lockable castors provide extra security.

How to order: Select the product, place it in your basket and complete your purchase. We will be in touch within 24 hours (MON - FRI) to take the details of the cards you would like to fill the spinner with.

Please note- The price we charge is for the 432 Wish Bracelets only to fill this spinner stand- we supply the spinner FREE OF CHARGE.

Dimensions :1311 mm Tall x 507 mm Wide.